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Christian Women: "I Surrender"

April 17th, 2008

Following Jesus... @ 09:58 pm

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Hi everyone:
The next two Wednesdays we will be discussing "Following Jesus" and what that means in our discussion group "Christianity Explained" at Church and I thought I'd post some reflection/notes from that group.  So I'll do that on Thursday or Friday.   We've been reading the book of Mark . . . any prayers for wisdom/insight would be appreciated-- I think I'm often a "doubting Thomas" and that's probably why I've experienced so many problems in my life and reaped undesirable consequences.
I'll post some comment/summery of what I'm learning in my class--

Your Sis

Would anyone like to post ideas from Scripture on "Contentment"? that would be helpful, too.
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Christian Women: "I Surrender"