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Christian Women: "I Surrender"

November 11th, 2007

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Hey, it`s me again....
have you ever as a child of God said something to someone you love , that hurt their feelings?
Well i did...my husband was confessing something to me.....which i knew already.....and the first time that he spoke i stayed calm, and he said , he was amazed how calm i stayed...of course i was praying then.
but when he continued to talk to me about it the next day...which he never does, for a man, or most men, to talk....takes a lot from them.
But i reacted to him the second time in my own self, not in prayer, but i reacted in my hurt.
How many times don`t we react to somebody, not in wisdom, but according to what they made us feel at that moment.
And this is precisely what the LORD wants to change in us, being more like HIM,
but thanks to HIS patience and compassion and mercy towards us...we can get up and start again.
Now the hard part to ask my husband forgiveness.
And whether he forgives or not, i did what i had to do, and leave the rest to God. Which means, i am not responsible for the reaction from the other person, i am responsible for my reaction before the Lord.
This liberates us from a lot of guilt-feelings.
So i wait for the Lord to work where i cannot.
And in the meantime i go on with what HE wants me to do. We are being formed by the people that God puts around us, we are being made in HIS likeness, and most of the time our "school" is right at home.
It`s at home that we learn to give-up our "rights"
and to put the other person before us.
It`s a learning process, and most of the time it does not go without pain involved. Like a child falls down, when learning to walk...so we fall down when learning to walk with Christ. And we will keep on falling and strugling untill we meet HIM face to face.
Don`t give up girls!!!!!!
with love, Babs.
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Date:November 15th, 2007 07:08 am (UTC)
Thank you, I know the Scriptures talk of walking by the Holy Spirit and inviting the Holy Spirit to compel us, drive us and empower us to live as Christ commands . . .
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Date:March 8th, 2013 09:24 pm (UTC)
I love this advice and can relate to the situation. It's a daily struggle to not walk in the flesh but in the Spirit, but with the Lord's help and much prayer, I give the glory to Him each time my response is loving and patient.

Thanks for sharing this.


Christian Women: "I Surrender"